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Season 5

Battle Through the Heavens Season 5

Shanghai Motion Magic
52 episodes · ONA Upcoming 斗破苍穹 第5季

After three years of not seeing each other, Xiao Yan finally met Xun’er at Jia Nan Academy. After that, they became closer and established the Stone Gate (Pan Gate).

In order to continue to improve his strength and avenge him on the Misty Cloud Sect, he risked continuing to go deeper into the Qi Refining Pagoda to devour the Fallen Heart Flame


Setelah tiga tahun tidak bertemu, Xiao Yan akhirnya bertemu Xun’er di Akademi Jia Nan . Setelah itu, mereka menjadi lebih dekat dan mendirikan Gerbang Batu (Gerbang Pan).

Untuk terus meningkatkan kekuatannya dan membalaskan dendamnnya pada Sekte Misty Cloud, dia mengambil resiko terus masuk lebih dalam ke Pagoda Pemurnian Qi untuk melahap Api Hati Terjatuh (Fallen Heart Flame)

Battle Through the Heavens Season 5 Subtitle indonesia, english, portuguese, turkish, spanish, italian, polish, arabic, thai, german

Quanzhi Fashi Season 5

Shanghai Foch Film Culture Investment
12 episodes · ONA Completed 全职法师 第5季

The fifth season of Quanzhi Fashi, the Skyscraper Mystical Snake appears in the city center, and the White Eagle attacks the city massively. Of course, there must have been something big when Mo Fan showed up, Is Song City going to have a crisis after being so quiet for decades? Can Mo Fan come back to deal with it?

Tales of Demons and Gods Season 5

Ruo Hong Culture
103 episodes · ONA Completed 妖神记第五季

Tales of Demons and Gods Season 5, Yao Shen Ji Season 5

Wan Jie Xian Zong [Wonderland] Season 5

Ruo Hong Culture
48 episodes · ONA Upcoming 万界仙踪 第5季

Wan Jie Xian Zong [Wonderland] Season 5

Ze Tian Ji Season 5

12 episodes · ONA Completed 择天记 第5季

Way of Choices 5th Season, Fighter of the Destiny Season 5, 择天记 第5季. All rivals gathered in Puyang City to attack Su Li, who was seriously injured. Chen Changsheng ignored Hua Jiefu’s advice and determined to defend Su Li, who was wounded to protect the human race; Chen Changsheng was using a burning sword and Hui Jian At the same time as fighting Liang Sun, he finally learned a stupid sword and successfully resisted Xiao Zhang, but since then he burned down his true power and lost his fighting power.

Fortunately, Wang Po appeared and the Jedi countered Xiao Zhang and Liang Wang Sun. Xu Yourong woke up and found himself With a stranger. Recall the abnormal situation that occurred after Zhou Yuan closed unexpectedly. Folding sleeves of poisonous insects and scaleless snakes, running away with seven lives on their backs. Xiao Heilong squeaked and found Chen Changsheng, complaining that Xu Yourong ignored Chen Changsheng.

Other Name: Ze Tian Ji Season 5, Way of Choices 5th Season, Fighter of the Destiny Season 5, 择天记 第5季